Ceramics Art + Perception #79


  • Departures – Michael Moore by Audrey Whitty
  • Julia Galloway – Quiescent: A Review by Syd Carpenter
  • Jason Lim’s Clay Addiction by Zulharli Adnan
  • Clementina van der Walt: A Review by Eugene Hön
  • Chad Curtis – Retooling Technology by Glen R Brown
  • Two Views: Adil Writer by Shanti Pillai and Anahite Contractor
  • A Review of Clay Economies by Rigel Sorzano
  • Stations of the Cross – Júlia Néma by Mátyás Varga
  • Dorothy Feibleman by Cate McQuaid
  • The Margins: A Review by Adam Welch
  • Brigitte Pénicaud – Musical Picturality by Françoise de L’Epine
  • Origins: Marcet and Vila-Abadal by Eva Rodriguez
  • Russell Wrankle by Peter Stempel
  • In a Relationship – Kevin Snipes by Jennifer DePaolo VanHorn

  • Art, Technology & The Human Imperative by Scarlet Cheng
  • Spheres & Sense – Bozena Sacharczuk by Dr Andrzej Jarosz
  • Thoroughly Modern – Edith Heath by Judy Seckler
  • Ester Beck – Movement in Matter by Hagai Segev
  • Kirsi Kivivirta: Minimalist Wall Compositions by Åsa Hellman
  • Organic Bonds – Burcu Karabey by A Feyza Özgündoğdu
  • The Silences of Still Life – Laurent Craste by Pascale Beaudet
  • Earth to Form: A Review by Brett Ballard
  • Cindy Kolodziejski’s Water World by Judy Seckler
  • Appreciating Ceramics by Ian Christopher Wilson
  • Jason Briggs – Not-so Private Parts by Stephanie Stuefer
  • 1st British Biennial: A Review by Michael C Stewart
  • Coming Events
  • Recent Publications

Cover image: Dorothy Feibleman, Red + White Saki Cup, 3 x 1.5 in/h
Photo by Kubota

Published March 2010