Ceramics Art + Perception #80


  • Phyllis Kloda – Candid Reflections by Rebecca Rafferty
  • Mark Pharis at Lacoste Gallery by Rostislav Eismont
  • Cheryl Lucas – Dip Paddock: A Review by Grant Banbury
  • Supermodernity, Emergence and the Built Environment by Dylan J Beck
  • Satoru Hoshino: A Life Within by Carine Verleye
  • Ceramics From Finland: A Review by Sebastian Blackie
  • From Womb to Tomb – Sofia Beça by Lieke Ploeger
  • Ever Onward: Margaret Daepp by Hans-Dieter Fronz
  • Multiplicity in Picasso’s Ceramics by Salvador Haro González
  • Silent Creatures – Gordon Baldwin by Maria Vanhees
  • The Political Imagination of Mara Superior by Joanna Hubbs
  • Suzy Birstein: Return to the Muses of Greece by Suzanne Fournier
  • Dylan J Beck: Environment, Design and Sustainability by Glen R Brown
  • Of the Temporal and the Spiritual: Avital Sheffer by Inga Walton
  • Michael Keighery – Neurotica by Nicholas Tsoutas
  • Raising Boys by Lucy Hammonds
  • Ceramic Metaphors: Ngozi Omeje by Grace Ngozi Ojie & Ozioma Onuzulike
  • Wendy Lawrence – Elemental Energy by David Binns

  • Child’s Play: Yiu-Keung Lee by Frances Shackelford
  • Quintessence: Tadash Ito by Tim Wong & Akiko Hirano
  • The Work of Kathy Ruttenberg by Rebecca Purcell
  • Individual Sacrifice and the Cost of War by Linda Hillman
  • Six McKnight Artists: Northern Clay Center by Mason Riddle
  • Ceramic Art London: A Review by Tony Birks
  • MAATI: Contemporary Clay in India by Johnson, Rode & Schmid-Maybach
  • Claudi Casanovas: Galerie Besson: A Review by Sebastian Blackie
  • In Memory of Ruth Duckworth by Tony Birks
  • Diversities and Similarities: Lisette Savaria by Denis Longchamps
  • The Joy of Repetition: An Essay by Helle Hove
  • Translation: A Peer Reviewed Article by Anthony E Stellaccio
  • Marginal – Responses by Bryan Allen Moore & John Chwekun
  • Book Review: David Furman by Judy Seckler
  • Book Review: Joan Panisello by Wali Hawes
  • Book Review: Angela Valamanesh by Penny Smith
  • Book Review: Richard Milgrim by Janet Mansfield

Cover image: Michael Keighery, Makita Man, 50 cm/h

Published June 2010