Ceramics Art + Perception #81

PUBLISHED September 2010


  • Kawase Shinobu: Delicate Forms by Shioda Masami
  • Enric Mestre – Sculptures by Román de la Calle
  • Krista Grecco: The Ambivalence of Being by Hanspeter Dähler
  • Brian Molanphy: Clay Man on Fire by Christopher Frey
  • Fong Choo’s Miniature Teapots by Judy Cato
  • Otagaki Rengetsu and Bai Ming by L K Nemmers & Jason Steuber
  • Dora De Larios: A Multi-Cultural World by Elaine Levin
  • Ken Eastman – A Review by Andy Christian
  • The Ottoman Empire in Porcelain by Olga Nefedova
  • Divine Chaos: A Journey into India by Dorothy Joiner
  • Asuurkeraamika by Anthony E Stellaccio
  • Traces of Time – The Work of Barbro Åberg by Trudy Golley
  • Bottled: A Review by Chris Sanders
  • Eugene Hön: South African Sculptor by Ingrid Stevens
  • Figure Sculptors from U of Florida Ceramics by Jane Durrell

  • Yoshikawa Masamichi: Envisioning the Perfect Path by Denise Carvalho
  • Camberwell College of Art Alumni: A Review by David Jones
  • Sam Hall’s Pots – Working In-between by Delpha Hudson
  • The V&A Museum: New Galleries by Helen Bevis
  • The V&A Museum: A Second View by Sebastian Blackie
  • Dwellings of Infinite Brightness: Chih-Chi Hsu by Deborah Bedwell
  • Sculpture by Barbara Balzer by Cindy Miller
  • On Ceramic Arts & the Venice Arts Festival by Rolando Giovannini
  • Lusus Artefactae: Trudy Golley & Paul Leathers by Kevin Murray
  • The Curious Failure of the Potter to Colonise the Modern Kitchen – A Peer Reviewed Article by Ray Hearn

Cover image: Fong Choo, Autumn Marble, 4.5 x 5 x 5 in.