Ceramics Art + Perception #93


  • Casting Residue: Brian Benfer by Kyla Foster
  • dISCARD & dISCOVER @ dOCUMENTA by Drs W Sigmund & D McKinney
  • Linda Lighton – Taking Aim by Tanya Hartman
  • Greg Daly: An Interview by Tony Martin
  • Seven McKnight Artists by Mason Riddle
  • Richard Batterham by Tony Birks
  • Semper Fidelis: A Historian’s Reflection by Kevin Adams
  • Jan Kollwitz • Focusing the Flame by Andrew Maske
  • The Visual Poetry of Sheryl Zacharia by Martha Drexler Lynn
  • Victoria Christen by Craig Adcock
  • Contemporary Ceramics in Hong Kong by Elizabeth Reichert
  • Colby Parsons: In An Instant by S Portico Bowman
  • Duality in Modern Turkish Ceramic Art by Dr Gül Erbay Aslitürk

  • Re-making Tradition: Leach in Japan by David Palmer
  • New Modern, Old Problem by Adam Welch
  • Ida Shoichi’s Ceramics and More by Janet Koplos
  • Earth and Alchemy by Janet Koplos
  • Challenging Images – Richard Shaw by Léopold L Foulem
  • Clay is Life – Vinod Daroz by Sandhya Bordewekar
  • Hard Edges and Soft Curves by Linda Keuhne
  • Marvelous Monsters: Heidi Preuss Grew by R De Mambro Santos
  • Maidens and Assassins: Robert Hodgins by Retief van Wyk
  • Potters Cottage – A Tribute Exhibition by Robyn Phelan
  • Under the Big Top by Adam Welch

Cover image: Linda Lighton, Camouflora, 2007, 35 x 20 x 13 in

Published September 2013