Ceramics Art + Perception #94


  • Measured: Chris Weaver’s Teapots by Grant Banbury
  • David Furman by Judith Tolnick Champa
  • Owen Rye by Tony Martin
  • During the Age of Adolfo Wildt by C Casali & R Giovannini
  • Steven Montgomery: Space and Time by R Giovannini
  • Reflections on an Article by R Deblander by Mickaël Labbé
  • Natural Process: Daniela Yaniv-Richter by T Gispan-Greenberg
  • Carol Gouthro: Biorhythms by Judy Seckler
  • Classic & Contemporary: Erskine, Hall & Coe by Tony Birks
  • Brian Molanphy: encapsulations by Colette Copeland
  • Art Lies in Ambush – Art from Australia by Karen Weiss
  • Clayton Bailey: Wizard of Pots by Nancy Selvin
  • Terracotta at Clayarch Gimhae Museum by Heekyung Lee
  • Gian Lorenzo Bernini by Michael McTwigan
  • Joanne Greenbaum with Steven Parrino by Adam Welch

  • New Designers 2012, London by Christina Lai
  • Inoue Manji: Ippodo Gallery by Michael McTwigan
  • Shlomit Bauman: Azal. . .Lock, Stock & Barrel by David Goss
  • Bang Chang Hyun • Monologue by Jeong Young-Sook
  • Material Matters by Christina Lai
  • Paula Winokur by Michael McTwigan
  • Ingrid Murphy: Augmented Reality by Catherine Roche
  • Axis of Passion: Amanda Bromfield by Alma Studholme
  • Under the Table by Colette Copeland
  • Cluj International Ceramics Biennale by Lilianne Milgrom
  • Japanese Masterworks/Chinese Antecedents by Jan Garden Castro
  • Beverly Mayeri – Psychological Portraits by Victor Cassidy
  • Lisa Reinertson: Edge of Extinction by Deb Van Laak
  • Recent Publications

Cover image: Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Model for the Lion on the Four Rivers Fountain (detail)
23.25 cm/l.

Published December 2013