Ceramics: Art + Perception – #118

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      • Paul Davis: Under the Influence by Scott Bevan
      • Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam at Roopankar Museum of Fine Arts by Anthony Merino
      • Swaying Vessels in Spacetime: Recent works by Lee Jong-Min by Jisu Hong
      • Shell Wadding: A Slippery Story by Sebastian Blackie
      • Ruminating on Dignity in the Presence of Arbor Vitae: What Has Ceramics got to do With it? by Sigrid Dahle
      • Raven Halfmoon by Elaine Olafson Henry
      • Derek Weisberg at Trotter&Sholer, NYC by Janet Koplos
      • Derek Weisberg at Trotter&Sholer, NYC by Ann Rothman
      • Waiting for Miracles: The Creative Outlook of Bauhaus’ Descendant. An Interview with Lutz Konecke by Chen Jian
      • Magdalene Odundo at Salon 94, NYC by Janet Koplos
      • Seeing “Space” in “Vestige”: Kim Deok-ho’s Recent White Porcelain by Jisu Hong
      • Flaming Fingers: An Exhibition of the Work of Trudy Chiddix by Elaine Olafson Henry
      • The Nanjing Massacre Ceramic Shoes Exhibition: An interview with artist Wang Cheng by Ren Min
      • You Cannot Judge the Past by Today’s Standards by Craig Hinshaw


  • Jane Perryman: Fixity and Flux Meditations on/in Time by Anjani Khanna
  • Chester Nealie: Etched in Fire by Peter Wilson
  • Kajihara Yasumoto and the New Old Karatsu by Derek Larsen
  • Craft’s Battle for Acceptance: Visual and Spatial Consequences by Eli Bruderman
  • Ceramic Artist Jaeho Choi: Extending the Lines of History in Yamaguchi Prefecture by Jim Rion
  • The Visibility of Ceramics in Nigeria: A Review by Enekwachi Agwu and May Okafor
  • In Praise of Small Pots by Sebastian Blackie


  • Q&A: What are the Most Common Pottery Myths? by Jeff Zamek
  • Raku Fired: Waterproof Vases by Minori Thorpe and Michael Dela Dika
  • Color Effects of Zinc Silicate Crystalline Glaze Applied on Ceramic Sculpture by Yasmina Heidar and Hala El-Gink

Cover image: Magdalene A.N. Odundo, Untitled, 2020 terracotta, 22 x 14 1/8 in (55.9 x 35.9 cm).
© Magdalene A.N. Odundo
Image courtesy of the artist and Salon 94, New York.