Questioning Identity

Everyone has something to identify themselves by, some more than others. Within the field of ceramics, identity exists in many degrees and formats—some use it as a means to associate themselves, while others utilize it as a divisive strategy. Regardless of one’s agenda, inevitably we all fall into some sort of format that, if nothing else, others use to identify us. There are countless ways in which these categories are formed and determined, whether it be one’s conscious intention to partake or not, some find themselves at times questioning what exactly that means. Even those claiming no identity have agreed to be a part of something (i.e. because nothing is in fact something). We continue to see this more frequently not only within the field but as a culture, extending beyond racial identities, geographical origins and gender pronouns. While these new modes of labeling continue to evolve, we find that even within our myopic and reactionary field there continues to be growth and change.

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