Tableware Wear Where?

North of Hobart and just off the high street of one of its freshly revitalised and increasingly vibrant suburbs, the Moonah Arts Centre plays host to many varied exhibitions and performances, including the 2016 Tasmanian Ceramics Association annual show Tableware Wear Where?

Delightfully engaging and loaded with playful work, this exhibition – as may be deduced from the grammarian title – takes that which is often taken for granted to be used as blank canvases for the display of food, the containment of tea, or other beverages, scoured clean and shoved away in dark cupboards, as its topic.

Wordplays and puns seem to bounce from most exhibits, some obvious, some pithy, some containing vague references or insider-knowledge. Lisa Wise's contribution Placement 1 2 3 falls into the subtler variety, noting in her artist statement that “Placement is a series of three porcelain plates that are a sculptural representation of placing someone or something somewhere.” There is a purity in this work of three white porcelain lipped discs, differentiated via an increasing number of meringue like globules, as if piped straight from an icing bag.

Jessica Quinnell presents a similar form in one of her entries Butterfly Platter, in which she muses on the dining habits of that most vivacious of insects and decorates her platter with a representation of nectar loaded food.

'Where?' said the thunder without a sound. 'Here' said the rider and took up his gun'. Like the film, these works are slow burners, but the monotone palette works well to extend the dark and foreboding tone of the movie.

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