Rong Jiang and Her Floriated Zisha Teapots

The Zisha teapot, produced in Yixing, Jiangsu, is well known throughout China. These teapots are mainly classified according to their typical shapes into Smooth-bodied and Floriated Zisha teapot. Rather than having ornate decoration, the Smooth-bodied Zisha teapot emphasizes its geometric shape and spatial form and relies on bright lines and plain, natural forms to embody the features of the shape of the teapot. By contrast, the Floriated Zisha teapot, based on the spatial modeling of the smooth-bodied Zisha teapot, is created by mimicking the vivid shapes found in nature (such as those of flowers, birds, insects, and fish). These floriated teapots have designs of bionic pictographic models delivered through relievo, demirelievo, and round carving in various parts of the teapot, such as the spout, handle, and base. Their external features, materials, and texture are made to appear completely lifelike.