Svend Bayer: The Humber Narcissist

How one man’s catharsis changed the world.

Svend Bayer’s endurance and physicality are palpable and his evolution, Promethean. Oddly, over the last five decades his work, life, and philosophy have grown simpler, yet more complex. From idealist to pragmatist, Bayer’s accomplishments are almost mythical and have created a lasting impact on the field – even though he is too busy to notice. Unbeknownst to him, Bayer had an influence on my life that was the impetus for Svend Bayer at Greenwich House Pottery’s Jane Hartsook Gallery – his first comprehensive show in the United States, and his New York City debut. 1 The exhibition turned into a ‘happening’ accompanied by a one-day demonstration and a roundtable discussion. 2

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