Ceramics: Art + Perception – #120

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      • Akiko Hirai by Max Waterhouse
      • Rick Hintze: Born of the Soil at Guild Gallery, New York City by Janet Koplos
      • Linda Sormin: at the Edge of Capacity by Natalie Baerselman le Gros
      • Remembering Lucie by Sebastian Blackie
      • Goldmark at 50 by Max Waterhouse
      • Five Fabulous Femmes. Six in Total by Bernadette Mansfield
      • Artist’s Inner Expression in the Form of Public Art by Arpita Bhattacharya
      • Yeo Byonguk’s Vessels: from Silence to Being by Jisu Hong
      • Form as Embodied Place: The Pottery of Willi Singleton by Andrew Buck
      • The epistemology of throwing by Aishwarya Satyavrat Pendharkar
      • British Ceramics Biennial AWARD 2023 by Clare Wood
      • Our Pottery Story by Heather Carlile
      • Nostalgia, Desire, Wonder: The work of Jason Bige Burnett by Elaine O Henry
      • Kathy Butterly at James Cohan Gallery, New York City by Janet Koplos
      • Walter Keeler: A Life in Shards. In conversation after his solo show at Llantarnam Grange, Cymru by Natasha Mayo


  • Corresponding with landscape: my journey during the Aberystwyth Artistic Residency by Larissa Guida Lock
  • Strange Clay: Ceramics in Contemporary Art Hayward Gallery, London, 26 October ’22 – 8 January 2023 by Dr Cliff Lauson
  • Typography in Contemporary Turkish Ceramic Art by Sanver Özgüven
  • Why the Depiction of Children on Ceramics was important during The Qing Dynasty (1636-1912) by Li Kunyuan and Liang Hui’e
  • Meissen Artisan Series: An analysis of the ‘Potter’ Figure by Assoc. Prof. Hasan Başkırkan
  • Finding the Key by Sebastian Blackie
  • Gay Smith: Animating the Clay by Janet Koplos


  • Degradation (and Mechanism) of Kanthal APM Heating Elements through Electric Kiln Firing by Craig Caudill and Ryan Coppage
  • Q&A: Heat Transfer by Jeff Zamek
  • Q&A: Wedging Table by Jeff Zamek
  • Q&A: Glaze Additives by Jeff Zamek

Cover image: Cover image: Akiko Hirai, Moon Jar green, applied porcelain, 58 x 55 cm.