Decorating Pottery and Sculpture Without a Glaze

Why would a veteran ceramist want to stop using glazes? For 47 years I had a pottery business; I made functional pottery for the home, taught ceramics and sculpture in a New York High School; directed a ceramics program for a community college in the evenings, and presented workshops in museums and art centers. I also pursued an academic agenda receiving a BA in Art History; an MA in Pottery and Sculpture, and a PhD in Ceramic History, concentration in Prehistoric Ceramics. I exhibited my sculpture and vessels in museums and art centers as well as pursuing the craft fair circuit with my production ware. I published articles on glaze techniques and recipes, specializing in cone 6 glazes in the prevailing ceramic magazines and books. I created videos on ceramic techniques and glazing, and established a YouTube channel showcasing abridged versions of my videos. For 15 years I continue to be one of the producers of the Clay Connection Mid Atlantic Clay Conference, a four day event showcasing national and regional ceramists. I love my career and met many wonderful people. I retired from teaching fifteen years ago, and then after almost five decades, the physical aspects of the production pottery component became difficult; I wanted a change. I needed a change.