Mary Briggs

The attraction to mary briggs’ work is not in the simplicity or sentiment of simplicity, but the freedoms of which we are reminded. She depicts places that, as a Westerner, my senses know; smell, taste, nonchalant winds on my skin and the dusky evening where the last rays of sun warm a country chill. Her work, for many, harkens to an excerpt from Mary Poppins, where Bert (the chimney sweep), draws chalk scenes at the park and the children, powered by their imaginations and a bit of magic, jump into the drawing for a country outing. Except Briggs’ surfaces do not take us to a carousel race in the country, her work projects many of us to the places where our senses grew up; time spent on lazy rivers, eating lunches on bluffs, or playing in wind swept meadows as the cows lazily graze. Randi O’Brien: Can you talk about your evolution as an artist and what led you to this body of work?

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