Smoke on the Water: Wood Conference

Rumination #1 (or) wood firing = wood fire conference
It’s a lot like organising an anagama firing. You need plenty of work, you get set to load plenty of ware, you need plenty of wood, and you get set to do plenty of splitting. It can do your head in. No doubt it would without Lloyd. You need allies like Lloyd. And Stephen. Stephen the man, Lloyd the hydraulic block splitter, cobbled together from a combine harvester, a gearbox of something from the mines (dubious provenance), a Chinese motor, and two Kelly axe heads welded together. Lloyd looks like something out of Mad Max 2, possibly as dangerous too. He’s big-machinery-yellow and he has saved immeasurable wear and tear. My right arm, and left, both wrists, elbows, shoulders, and whatever else. A bloke cutting timber at Grant’s axed his knee cap, so who knows what pain Lloyd has mitigated. Nobody can have enough Stephens or Lloyds to make a conference.