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Thirteen Ways of Looking at Fire

Fire and water, construed as enemies, even as they make the world in their own restless image. I’m looking at a shard of burnt-out space junk hurled from the sky; I’m looking at a barnacled whale rise…

Traditional Techniques and Culture of Chinese Rongchang Pottery

Rongchang pottery dates back thousands of years and inherits and develops upon the fine tradition of Chinese folk ceramic arts, and its technique was enlisted in the national intangible heritage list…

Rong Jiang and Her Floriated Zisha Teapots

Chunhui Song, Rongrong Cui, Linlin Shen

A Magic Spell or a Ceramic Bowl: the Sassanid Crescent of Islamic and Changsha Ceramics

One of the strangest aspects of research is exploring magical rituals associated with ancient traditions. Archaeologists continually discover objects designed to invoke victory, including successful a…